Gersony Silva

About the Artist

The art in Gersony Silva’s history

The art in Gersony Silva’s history

By creating a whole world of images and dreams, she had managed to overcome the physical pain caused by a disease that followed her throughout entire her childhood. That was how the art landed in her life and pushed her with its wings, talking her to a lighter path. Since she was a child, she walks hand in hand with the art, in a constant investigative analysis and reflection movement among its theory and practice.

From the significance of the surrealist movement traced by her, look, folds, slits, light and shadow passages have emerged, reflecting the transcendences of body and soul, of nature and human beings, in which much is veiled and little is revealed between the blue and the red.
Through the pulsation and the sway of these existences, that is, through these movements that are life itself, she try to go back to her silence, in the cave inhabited by her existence, her Higher Self. It is in this space that she grows wings made of dreams and carry on… with a body yet fragile.

In the instalations, objects, drawings, paintings and performances,there are inertia and movement issues that are still part of her story. Therefore, today’s research and reflection issues are also present.

Since the 80's Gersony has participated in exhibitions in Brazil and abroad in Galleries, Art Museums and Cultural Centers
She has works in Museums, Cultural Centers and in private collections.

The philosophical study of contemporaneity, the research of materials, and its iconographic universe, result in paintings, drawings, installations, performances, videos, photographs and objects.

Currently lives and works in São Paulo.