Gersony Silva



Gersony Silva's poetic universe moves among various instances and openings. Her works are situated between blue and red, show and hide. Her visual design is largely characterized by soaring between ‘veiled-hidden’ and ‘expressed-explicit’.

In this respect, there is an enduring consistency since her constructions are usually located in a space of recesses in which the fascinating aspects of each proposal is that which is hinted or suggested, rather than stated. Hence each work posing new mysteries.

Rather than facile interpretation there is the delight of pleasing visualization since her works show intensity by affording direct communication with viewers in a process of constant dialogue, renewed with each new way of looking, due to her ongoing process of reviewing and revisiting her oeuvre.

In openings or crevices one may be rediscovered or get lot. One can get in or out of them through a dancer's soaring imagination and steps, or dropping out of everyday reality, or departing it with beauty towards new possibilities of learning about the world. In short, this is what of Gersony's art poses: an opportunity for each of us to find ourselves again.
Doctoral in Education, Art and Cultural History from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, master's in Visual Arts from the Arts Institute, UNESP.